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°2016 - 1m74 - BLACK
Kannan x Emerald
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Out of the best damline of the world
°2016 - 1m74 - BLACK
Winner PAVO stallion competition 2020
qannando B&V_kannan_emerald
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Top galop
Expressive look and blood
A lot of elasticity
qannando best son kannan
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7 top performance mothers in a row
6 Grand Prix stallions in a row
BWP approved
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Thank you for your interest in our stallion Qannando B.& V.

Qannando B.&V. was winner of the Pavo stallion competition of 4 years old horses in Belgium.  He was jumping 4 times clear out of 4 participations.

The damline is top;  16 offspring from the line of Qerly Chin are currently in the top 2000 of the WBFSH ranking, this makes the line of Qerly Chin the best jumping tribe in the world ! 
The damline of Qannando B.&V. has also brought many Grand Prix horses, such as Killer Queen VDM, winner World Cup Mechelen, GP & GCT Doha 2020, Toupie de la Roque, Walnut de Muze,
Narcotique de Muze II, …

The quality of the semen of Qannando B.&V. is of very good quality !

Fresh semen can be ordered in advance, the latest at 9 am, the day the semen is needed.

Fresh semen can be collected at the station or can be sent by courrier (HippoXpress).  Transport costs are payable by the breeder.

The stud fee needs to be paid by receiving the invoice after the first insemination and is valid for the entire season.  A dose for a next cycle can only be obtained when the invoice of the stud fee is been paid.

Gestation is until 1 October 2022.  If the mare is not pregnant on 1st October 2022, than the studfee will be 300 Euro excl. VAT and excl. transport costs.  Only by showing a statement of the veterinary before the 1st October 2022.  The remaining amount of the stud fee (700 Euro) will be refunded to the owner.

You will receive an appropriate discount for multiple mares.

Mares can stay at the breeding station.  Please contact Els De Dijcker for this.

When semen is ordered, a copy of the original studbook certificate (mare’s pedigree) with chip number must be forwarded via e-mail or WhatsApp, as well as the owner details.

We are not liable for damage, illness or injury of horse, human or other.

Every day fresh semen available !
The price is 1.000 Euro excl. VAT. – to be paid before the first insemination

qannando B&V_kannan_emerald